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Feature and Technical Details

Simple to clean and maintain
Our WPC decking is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. The composite material used in their construction means the boards do not rot, splinter, or warp like many traditional timber boards.

Also unlike many traditional timber boards our boards do not need to be regularly sealed, stained, painted or waterproofed. They are easily kept clean by sweeping and the occasional use of a jet hose.
Do not splinter, split, rot or warp
No need to regularly seal, stain or paint
Low water absorption rate, do not attract mould or fungus
Resistant to attack by insects

Easy to build
Quickly build your deck. Boards can be worked with normal woodworking tools and are easily fastened to a suitable supporting joist substructure with our stainless steel screw and nylon T-Clip system.

Available profiles, lengths and colours


Profile Length Colours

Hollow core board - 150mm w x 25 mm h

2.2m Teak, Coffee, Charcoal, Light Grey and Stone Grey
Solid core board - 150mm w x 25 mm h 2.2m Teak, Coffee, Charcoal, Light Grey and Stone Grey

 Hollow core board cross-section profile